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El bueno, el malo y el jonron

Benny Ayala (with Dave Jordan) looks back at August 27, 1974 and his first Major League at-bat.
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Ryan's Hope

Major League Managers & coaches have yet to catch up to defensive metrics when considering the Gold Glove, writes Dave Jordan.
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The Redemption of Alex Rodriguez

Did A-Rod even offer to take Jeter's place? Did Jeter forbid A-Rod from playing short? Dave Jordan would like to know.
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The Batters' Cy Young

Triple Crown or no Triple Crown, Trout’s defense ends the MVP debate, but not the Hank Aaron Award, writes Dave Jordan.


TRENTON, N.J. – Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is not expecting to make any major moves today as New York opens a key three-game series with the Baltimore Orioles.
He’s not ruling out a move that would bring an addition eligible for the postseason, but it’s not likely.
“If there is a player out there who can contribute to what we’re doing, and help us in an area of need, we’ll consider it,’’ Cashman said. “I just don’t see it.’’

The Saberleaders

Saberleaders: A nostalgia freak finds religion in the church of Sabermetrics
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The Yankees Minor League have a decision to make, writes Jed Weisberger.

Rules of Re-engagement

Reflective Chamberlain on verge of returning to Yankees, writes Jed Weisberger.

Ellis Valentine's Infinite Playlist

Big Hair & Plastic Grass author Dan Epstein and the Montreal Expos' big bopper look back at the Top Ten funky jams of the 70s.

The Dreams of My Baseball Card

An upstart third baseman and a former Rookie of the Year pass through the world of Independent League Baseball, writes Gina Sorce.
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From the Bullpen

All The Young Dudes by John D’Acquisto

When you enter the spring training facility in Phoenix, Arizona, March 1974, you expect to be greete ...